I’m Joy and my passion is teaching children to develop and improve their reading comprehension.  I love reading and the art and science behind teaching it.


Reading Rumba is where I share my thoughts, experiences, and insights on literacy best practices and development in new reading comprehension teaching methodologies.  I was an avid dancer and dance teacher before I married, had two children, and embarked on my calling and the title of my blog takes its inspiration from that part of my life. When a child is comprehending the written word efficiently, he or she is cognitively whirling through a dance of words to a smooth staccato rhythm, like a beautiful rumba.

If you are an educator interested in sharing ideas about teaching cognitive literacy skills, or someone who is looking to learn more about how to improve reading comprehension in children and share your experiences, I think (and hope) my site will be helpful to you.  I’m excited to hear your comments, thoughts, and suggestions.

There is nothing more satisfying to me then helping children discover their reading rumba.

Let’s dance!