Generation X…what do we need to know?

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This slide share was forwarded to me from someone working to establish a new tech company in Chicago called Rvibe.  He is finding that his biggest concern with creating a new and strong company is finding well-rounded, creative employees who are team players, think critically, and who can communicate!

Enter teachers!  We as teachers need to be cognizant of how our students learn and what they will need to know to be productive citizens in the 21st century.  Barnett Berry, founder and CEO of Center for Teaching Quality, suggests that students need to know the 3 Rs, but also the 3 Cs (How Do You Define 21st Learning? ).  Communication, collaboration, and creativity….all three things employers are looking for, just as my friend in Chicago is, are vital skills to teach our kids.  So, I ask, do we know our students well enough to teach them for success in the future?  Do we need to rethink how we are teaching the newest generation of students?

Check out the slideshare.  It really helps to explain the students sitting in our classroom right now….Generation X.

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