Where to start this new school year?

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I’m super excited because my new district has done an outstanding job of providing some wonderful experts to assist us with being the very best teachers we can be.  We are pumped!  We are all in!

My favorite speaker during PD by far was George Couros http://georgecouros.ca/blog/ .  George comes from the great north (Canada), doesn’t particularly like hockey, is Greek, and is a passionate educator.  He spoke to us about the importance of looking at things differently and building relationships with our students, parents, and fellow teachers.  He dared us to promote creativity, innovation, and voice using different avenues.  Technology to be specific.  Long gone are the days of snail mail pen pals and the face-to-face collaboration.  Now, the name of the game is tweeting video reflections about texts read or writing a book using https://storybird.com/ .  I guess I will be modeling my own learning this year.

Look at everything differently, build honest relationships, and disrupt the routine.  Those will be my goals this year.  Open my mind to new things, build strong relationships for meaningful learning to take place, AND shake things up!  Oh yeah, and the technology thingy…that is definitely on my “to do list too!”


Now, where to start?



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